Roofs work great—until they don’t. Whether it’s for aesthetics or repairs, roof renovations are necessary for maintaining the safety of our family.

Our roof defends us from the elements. This leads to years of wear and tear. We shouldn’t use “out of sight, out of mind”. Even small leaks could have underlying issues.

So, should you go for a new roof instead of a renovation to fix such issues? To help you answer that question, let’s run through the basics.

Roof Renovations: Definition

Think of roof renovations as upgrades or modernizations. You’re not replacing the entirety of your roof, just certain parts.

Done correctly, renovations can add decades to a roof’s lifespan. In most cases, it can feel like an entirely new roof. However, renovations aren’t the best choice for every home.

It ultimately depends on the roofing material, the scale of the issues, and the budget of the homeowners. But, when renovations are available, you get several advantages.

The Benefits of Roof Renovations

Roof Benefits
Lifespan isn’t the only thing that’s improved with renovations. Here are the main reasons why you should consider roof renovations.

Cheaper Than Replacing

Roof replacements are a big investment. You won’t just spend thousands of dollars on this too. It’s likely that you’d need a place to stay while contractors install your new roof.

In the U.S., the national average cost of a new roof is roughly $8,000. But, a lot of factors play into this such as material costs and labor costs that can differ per region.

You could typically find quality roof replacements for between the $5,000-$10,000 range. Meanwhile, roof renovations average at around $349 to $1,000+.

Improves Roof Quality

Roofing materials, no matter how strong, degrade over time. Constant exposure to rain, heat, and snow can accelerate this process. New roofing material helps you address this issue.

But, you can’t just hire a contractor and have them renovate your roof. There could be underlying issues such as built-up moisture.

Before planning renovations, it’s best to run through a roof inspection checklist. This way, you can catch those underlying issues before they escalate.

Increases Roof Life

The life expectancy of most roofs is about 20 years. But, it can last longer depending on the material, installation, and maintenance.

A renovation done by quality contractors using the right materials can significantly improve the lifespan of any worn-down roof. Done right, renovations are great long-term solutions.

You wouldn’t have to worry about future repairs, underlying issues, and the associated costs that go with it. Instead, you get a cost-effective and sustainable solution to your issues.

Increases Energy Efficiency

The right roofing materials can save you electricity costs. For people living in a region with hotter climates and scorching summers, look into the “Albedo Effect”.

The Albedo effect is the ability of a surface to deflect sunlight. If you’re looking to renovate, think of how the new roofing material can provide this effect.

When enough sunlight is deflected, your home can keep cool even during the hot summers. You don’t have to spend much on electricity costs to keep the AC or fans running.

More Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability is something we should all strive for. Renovated roofs that improve energy efficiency promote sustainability. And, it can also reduce your carbon footprint.

New roofs require you to strip down your old ones. This ultimately contributes to expended roofing materials ending up in landfills. Getting your roof renovated delays this.

With roof renovations, you get cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to your issues.

Far Less Disruptive For Your Life

Renovations are often done fast since you just need to target a specific area of your roof. If the area is small enough, renovations could be done in a day.

Larger projects might take a few days to finish. But, you won’t experience any major inconveniences in your day-to-day activities.

Roof replacements on the other hand could take weeks. It’s more likely that you and your family need to move out during this time.

When Should You Renovate A Roof?

Roof renovations are cost-effective and sustainable. But, it can’t be done with every home. Here’s a quick checklist that can help identify whether or not you need a roof renovation:

How Old is Your Roof?

Age is the first indicator you need to consider. As mentioned earlier, roofs close to 20 years are more susceptible to damage. Snow, ice, wind, and heat accelerate this process.

Another factor to consider is algae growth. Left unattended, this can lead to moisture build-up and ultimately leaking.

Is There Water Damage?

Unnoticed water build-up is one of the most common causes of leaks. If you’re not actively looking for it, the issue can escalate.

The best way to avoid this issue is to check your attic for areas where moisture seeps in through your roof. When the water’s already leaking from your ceiling or if you see water running in your walls, it might be a sign of water damage.

Do You Have Ventilation/Energy Issues?

Airflow is essential to keep your house cool. This prevents humidity or moisture from buildup in certain pockets of your home. But, too much airflow can lead to energy efficiency issues.

Damaged roofs don’t do great in keeping the cold out during winter and the heat during summer causing you to use the AC or heater more often.

Are You Planning on Selling Your Home?

If you want to put your home on the market, you need to make it look as pleasing as possible. This is where curb appeal becomes important. Having a newly renovated roof can improve any home’s aesthetic without having to shell out big capital for a new roof.

What Is The Typical Roof Renovation Process?

The renovation process follows three phases:

Planning: Identifying if your roof needs a partial or complete renovation. This is where you research the paperwork required, the materials needed, and the budgeting.

Bidding: Looking through contractors that will be the perfect fit for your renovation project.

Implementation: The process of renovating your roof. If it’s a larger-scale roofing renovation, you might want to check if a project manager is needed.

Finally, consider the follow-ups and maintenance required when the project is completed. If you have doubts, always refer to the written contract or quote you have with your contractor.

Key Takeaways

Roof renovations offer cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to roof replacements. But, before hiring a contractor, consider the following:

  • A roof is primed for renovation if it’s around 20 years old.
  • If your home is experiencing leaks, there might be underlying water damage.
  • The roofing material used can improve energy efficiency.
  • Roof renovations are more environmentally friendly than roof replacements.
  • Contact professionals to ensure no hiccups in your roof renovation.

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