Installing a new roof is a complicated process you may not be familiar with until it’s time to replace a damaged or worn roof on your own home. Even then, there’s a lot to learn about which products and procedures might best suit your specific needs. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right roofing contractor to guide you through the various aspects of your new roofing system. In order to help you feel confident that you’ve made the right choice on who you’re hiring to install your new roof, the team at Trenton Roofing & Siding has created this helpful guide on what to look for when choosing a roofing company.


1. Factory-Trained and Certified

When you choose a factory-certified roofing contractor, you know you’re getting the best in the business. Look no further than GAF’s Master Elite program – as North America’s leading manufacturer in roofing materials for over one hundred years, their requirements for factory certification are by far the most stringent in the industry. In fact, less than 4% of roofers in the entire country qualify to be recognized as GAF Master Elite contractors. These certifications are renewed every year, so you can be confident your hard-earned money is being spent wisely.

2. Properly Insured

When interviewing roofing contractors to hire for your new roof installation, always ask to see the company’s certificates of insurance. It’s important to confirm that anyone repairing or installing your roof has both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. At Trenton Roofing & Siding, we’re always ready and willing to provide copies of our current certificates before we begin any new project. Not only is proper insurance a sign of an upstanding roofer, it actually protects you as a homeowner – in the unfortunate event that a worker is injured on your property, workers’ compensation insurance protects you from being financially liable for their injuries. While contractors may carry other types of insurance, general liability and workers’ compensation insurance are the only two you need to worry about.

3. Licensing & Credentials

Both cities and states can issue licenses, but some states do not require contractors to be licensed. Be sure to check with your local licensing authority for details on your specific city or state. Some contractors may answer your questions regarding licensing by saying they have a business license. However, a business license is for tax purposes only and has no bearing on the competence of their company. One tip is to look at the vehicle that the contractor arrives in – in New Jersey where Trenton Roofing & Siding is based, license numbers must be displayed on all company signage.

4. Workmanship Warranty

A good roofing company stands by their work. A company without a quality warranty policy is a company who isn’t absolutely confident in their craftsmanship. While a longer warranty to protect your new roof is never a bad thing, what really matters is the ability of a roofer to stand behind their warranty. To that end, always read reviews before hiring a contractor for your roof repair or installation. Did the company return promptly to process any warranty work? Were they as helpful and professional after the initial job was completed as when they were trying to win your business? These are the questions you should look to answer when gauging the quality of a prospective company’s warranty on workmanship. At Trenton Roofing & Siding, we guarantee a ten-year warranty on our new roof and siding installations and always strive to prioritize warranty repairs.

5. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Perhaps the greatest way to gauge the quality of a roofing company is by reading reviews from prior customers. After all, who knows a company better than those who have chosen to spend hard-earned money on their services? There are countless review sites on the internet these days, but none can be considered more trustworthy than the Better Business Bureau. At over one hundred years old, their self-described mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust. Another good source for reviews is Google itself – because the search engine giant is so widely used, it often sports the highest frequency of reviews for businesses. When choosing a roofing company, try to read reviews from a variety of websites so you can better understand how a business interacts with its customers.
Keeping these five things in mind, you’re now ready to go out and find the best contractor for your roofing installation or repair. By demonstrating that you’re an informed consumer, your roofer will feel comfortable knowing that you have both your and their best interests in mind. Your roofing system is the single most important thing protecting your home, so use these tips to ensure that you choose the right roofing professional to trust with your home!

Alex Valentino

Alex Valentino – Vice President

Leading the way for the company’s second generation of family and employee ownership, Alex’s mission is to create lasting relationships built on trust and respect by providing uncompromising workmanship and unparalleled customer service. With a focus on safety and consumer education, Trenton Roofing strives to set the bar for the advancement of the roofing industry and the betterment of our local communities. When he is not working, Alex can be found traveling with his fiancée, watching football or playing a relaxing round of golf with his friends.