Spending money on your roof is likely one of the last things you want to do. Many people completely ignore their roofs, even ignoring maintenance. That is, until it’s too late. It’s important to remember that your roof is more than just the top of your property. It’s your best line of defense against the elements. Understanding roof repair costs in advance will help you budget and plan accordingly.

By the end of this article, you’ll feel confident that you know roof repair costs of all shapes and sizes. From the small, minor repairs, right up to the larger ones. You’ll also understand what causes the wide fluctuation in prices. Plus, we’ll share some tips on how you can best avoid these repairs in the future.

Why Are Roof Repair Costs So Varied?

There are a wide number of influencing factors on roof repair. We’ve curated this list. Some have larger influences than others, but each plays a part.

  • Material Type: Certain materials simply cost more than others. There are budget, affordable options such as asphalt shingles. Then, there are more expensive materials, such as certain metals or slate. Repairs to the latter will cost considerably more than repairs to asphalt shingles.
  • The Extent of Damage: If your roof has suffered damage, then it’s a question of, “How much?” If the wind has removed a few tiles or shingles, then that’s a far cheaper repair than if you’ve suffered major structural damage in a storm. You should also consider the impact that the damage has had below the surface. If the roof decking or roof sheathing has been damaged, expect to pay more.
  • Roof Size and Complexity: Damage extent will play a bigger role here, but the size of the roof does matter. It influences access and the scope of repairs. You’ll also need to factor in the complexity of the roof. More unusual designs, with multiple steep angles and many sections, will incur larger expenses.
  • Location: Certain areas have more affordable services than others. As with everything, expect to pay more in cities than more rural locations. The price will also be higher if you live in an area that has extreme weather that causes damage.
  • Labor Costs: This is the same game as location, labor costs are different from state to state, even city to city.
    Permits and Inspections: Some states require you to hold permits for roof work. They may also require you to have an inspection completed following the end of the job. Always check with your local area before starting repairs.

Roof Repair Cost: Tables

Of the factors listed above, we’ve picked these three and presented the information into easy to digest tables. The significant factors are roof material type, the size of your roof, and the type of repair.

Materials: Roof Repair Cost

There’s no hiding from the fact that certain materials cost more than others. The figures represent the cost per square foot.

Material Pricing Range
Tar and gravel $2–$8
Rubber/PVC $3–$11
Composite shingles $3–$11
Asphalt shingles $4–$13
Slate $5–$25
Metal $6–$30
Wood shakes/shingles $6–$20
Tile $8–$30

Average Cost of Roof Repair by Type

Some repairs are straightforward. They don’t cost a great deal to complete at all. Others begin to become expensive quickly. The higher end of the range reflects a higher level of damage. For example, if a roof truss needs to be completely replaced, it’ll be toward the top of the range. If it’s a minor gutter crack, that’ll be toward the lower.

Repair Type Pricing Range
Shingle replacement $150–$700
Gutters/downspouts $150–$625
Flashing $150–$1,000
Cracks $200–$1,000
Tile replacement $250–$2,500
Roof leaks $400–$2,500
Roof truss $750–$5,000
Fascia/soffits $600–$6,000
Dent $600–$4,000
Holes $150–$1,100
Rot $750–$5,000
Water damage $750–$7,000
Sagging $750–$4,000
Full replacement $5,500–$15,000


Average Cost of Roof Repair by Roof Size

Larger roofs tend to come with a higher price tag. We’ve created the table based on the total size of your roof in square feet. This isn’t the most accurate of estimates, as some repairs are only in certain areas of your roof. But it is a good indicator.

Size (Sq Ft) Pricing Range
1,000 $3,000–$5,000
1,250 $4,000–$6,500
1,500 $4,750–$8,500
1,650 $5,500–$9,000
1,700 $6,000–$9,750
1,850 $6,500–$10,000
1,900 $7,250–$11,500
2,000 $7,500–$13,500

Minimizing Roof Repair Cost

One of the best ways to keep your roof repair cost low is to maintain the roof properly. Some of these are ways that you can keep costs low through upkeep. Others we’ve included for you to consider during the tendering process.

  • Maintain your roof: More often than not, you’re able to spot some issues before they get too bad. That means you can catch a small repair before it becomes a big one. The saying goes, “A stitch in time saves nine.” That couldn’t be truer than here. Carry out regular inspections and adhere to a maintenance schedule.
  • Materials have a big influence: If you ever replace your roof, be sure that you pay credence to future repairs. More expensive materials cost more to repair. You may, however, find that they are more durable and, therefore, you’ll face fewer repairs.
  • Get multiple quotes: We always recommend you get multiple quotes when choosing a professional roofing contractor. You’d be surprised just how big of a variance there can be.
  • Could you do it yourself?: One of the best ways to save money is to do it yourself. If you have the right selection of tools and the understanding, you might be able to complete the repair. It’d be considerably cheaper, but it’s essential it is completed properly. Don’t risk causing larger issues through inadequate repair.

Roof Repairs Made Simple

Roof repair cost varies significantly. Roofs might all look similar, but as you’ve learned, there are many different varieties. The key here is that you don’t delay. What seems like a minor, inconsequential repair could rapidly spiral into something much bigger.

  • If in doubt, leave roofing jobs to the professionals. Never risk your own safety.
  • Cheaper isn’t always best. Remember that your roof is an integral part of your home.
  • Regular roof inspections should be a standard part of your home maintenance schedule.

Here at Trenton Roofing, we’re roofing specialists with decades of experience. We’d love to visit your property and give you a free estimate. Interested? Give us a call, and we’ll explain the whole process from start to finish.

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