It’s always fascinating how many people overlook the importance of their roof. Your roof isn’t just there to keep you sheltered from the wind and rain. It’s much more than that. It’s protection for your family, your possessions, and you. It’s the guardian of your home. The roof is also a significant investment, and looking after it can protect the longevity and value of your property. It’s important, therefore, that you clearly understand the cost of roof repair should the time come.

When you’re armed with the knowledge about the cost of roof repair, you can plan and budget for a new roof installation accordingly. You’re able to better compare contractors and their costs. You could even consider going it alone and launching into DIY roof repairs.

In this article, we’ll look closely at what contributes toward the cost of roof repair, the average costs, and how you can avoid repairs in the first place.

Factors Influencing Roof Repair Costs

The cost of roof repairs varies wildly depending on myriad factors. These are the ones that you’re most likely to need to consider when shopping around:

Material Type: Different types of roofs cost different amounts. If your roof is made from asphalt shingles, you’re going to pay less for repairs than someone with one made of slate or copper. These more expensive materials are expensive to repair but often offer better longevity. It’s a balancing act.

The Extent of Damage: Smaller patch repairs are far more affordable than larger ones. If you spot a loose tile, then expect a much smaller bill than if a tree falls on your roof. Bear in mind that major structural damage will incur repairs to the underlying structure that you don’t usually see.

Roof Size and Complexity: Some roofs are much larger than others. They may, therefore, require larger areas of repair. The same goes for roof complexity. Steeper, more angular roofs require specialist attention. That comes at a higher cost.

Location: Where you are matters. Larger urban centers will pay a premium versus smaller towns. Plus, areas susceptible to extreme weather often carry a premium.

Labor Costs: As with location, labor costs vary around the country. You’ll also find that more experienced professionals charge a premium for their services.

Permits and Inspections: Some states require you to hold permits for roof work. They may also require you to have an inspection completed following the end of the job. Always check with your local area before starting repairs.

The Average Cost of Roof Repair

We’ve broken the average costs down into three tables. Each table relates to some of the influencing factors noted above. The first is based on the type of repair that needs to be carried out. The second is based on roofing material. The third table factors in the size of the roof.

Average Cost of Roof Repair by Type

Repair Type Average Range of Cost
Flashing $150–$1,000
Gutters/downspouts $150–$625
Shingle replacement $150–$700
Dent $600–$4,000
Roof truss $750–$5,000
Leak $400–$2,500
Cracks $200–$1,000
Holes $150–$1,100
Tile replacement $250–$2,500
Fascia/soffits $600–$6,000
Sagging $750–$4,000
Water damage $750–$7,000
Rot $750–$5,000
Full replacement $5,500–$15,000


Average Cost of Roof Repair by Material

Your roofing material type is one of the biggest influencing factors on the average cost of roof repair.

Material Average Range of Cost
Tar and gravel $3–$9
Rubber/PVC $4–$10
Composite shingles $4–$12
Asphalt shingles $5–$12
Slate $6–$20
Metal $7–$25
Wood shakes/shingles $7–$15
Tile $10–$25


Average Cost of Roof Repair by Roof Size

The following table is based on repairs of extensive damage. Larger roofs simply need more materials during the repair process. Make sure you know how to accurately measure roofing square footage before using this table.

Size (Sq Ft) Average Range of Cost
1,000 $4,000–$5,500
1,250 $4,250–$6,750
1,500 $5,000–$8,250
1,650 $5,750–$9,000
1,700 $6,250–$9,500
1,850 $6,750–$10,000
1,900 $7,000–$11,500
2,000 $7,500–$13,000

Saving Money on Roof Repairs

We all like to save money where we can. Roof repairs aren’t somewhere that you should attempt to scrimp. After all, this is an important part of your home. There are, however, some ways that you can keep costs as minimal as possible.

Regular Maintenance: Ensure that you regularly inspect your roof or get a professional to conduct a roof inspection. This helps to spot issues before major repairs are required. It’s also important that any necessary maintenance the roof requires is carried out diligently and punctually.

Choose Materials Wisely: Some materials may cost more, but they may also have better durability. This makes them far more cost-effective in the long term.

Compare Your Quotes: If you’re working with professionals, make sure that you speak with multiple companies. Try to get quotes from all of them and compare what you get for your money.

Consider DIY for Minor Repairs: If you have the right tools and skillset, you can complete many minor roof repairs. Replacing the odd shingle here and there is a relatively straightforward task.

Some roof repairs can be easily completed by a DIY enthusiast. Others require professional assistance. If you’re in the latter position, give us a call. We’ll happily talk you through the repair and give a no-obligation estimate for the repairs.

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